Energetic Patterns and Energies of the Selves

Energy and Energetic Patterns

Energy, Energetic Patterns, Energies – An Introduction to the Human Energy Field

Energy is the ‘stuff’ from which the selves that make up our psyche are made. Each self is an energetic pattern and has its own energy that you can perceive.

A rational self has an impersonal, mental energy. An emotional self has a more personal, feeling energy. The energy of the Business Self is entirely different to the energy of the Inner Child, and to that of the Inner Responsible Parent.

You are made up of a number of different selves and so have a number of different energies or energy patterns available to you.

For example, if the primary selves you identify with most are the Rational Mind and the Pusher, then your energy will feel quite cool and fast, even tense. You will be more comfortable relating to people in an impersonal, businesslike manner, maybe even not pausing long enough to connect with others at all.

If, however, your primary self is a Nurturing Mother, your energy will feel warm and caring. You will feel comfortable in close contact with people who welcome your warmth and take well to your nurturing.

It may be that you use an impersonal energy at work and a more personal energy at home, or maybe you feel more comfortable using one type of energy over another.

The Energy You Use Affects Your Relationship Experiences

The energy you use will determine the nature of the interactions you have with others.

For example, if your energy is always open, you may find you are often influenced by other people’s emotional states and can even take those states on as if they were your own.

People with very open energy are often ’empaths’ or ‘highly sensitive’. You can quickly become exhausted being so energetically open and available.

If you don’t have the ability to draw on a more impersonal or protective energy to help you create boundaries, you leave yourself vulnerable to the energies of others.

On the other hand, if you are always closed off energetically you are probably not being energetically fed yourself, and may feel disconnected from others, and them from you.

By learning to have greater control of your energetic state, you can affect the quality of your interactions with the people in your life.

So if you are usually very open, accepting and warm energetically, you might like to sometimes have the choice to be less open.

For example, in personal relationships when you need time and space for yourself or when someone you hardly know asks you for a large favour which you would rather not do.

Having more choice in how you use your energies is also good for your health and safety.

The following exercise will give you practise with controlling your energy.

Exercise to Master Your Energy Field

The next few times you go to your local store, cafe or anywhere else you have to interact with a stranger, try varying the energy you use each time you interact with the person.

One time go in and say ‘hello’ with a really open, warm energy. Feel you are energetically reaching out towards the person. Feel as if your heart is open to them.

Another time tone down the warmth and be a bit more cool, but not quite impersonal.

The following time, be impersonal. Behave in a professional and businesslike manner, and make no effort to be warm towards the shopkeeper. Keep yourself energetically distant.

Take note of the response you get each time.

You can practice this with a friend or with your partner too, and ask for feedback.

Try variations of these energies and find what feels most comfortable for you.

See if you can become aware of what kind of energy you usually use with friends, family and colleagues.

Try to adjust the energy you use to best suit your needs and those of the situation.

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