Voice Dialogue Training and Facilitation

Voice Dialogue training is offered by Voice Dialogue teachers all over the world. There are introductory workshops, longer workshops, ongoing private training, and courses on Voice Dialogue as it relates to particular topics, such as the Inner Critic and relationships.

Some trainings are suitable for everyone, others are designed specifically for more experienced facilitators and therapists.

I’m not offering any training at present but if you click on the link below to Hal and Sidra’s site, you’ll find details of workshops offered worldwide, by various teachers.

All trainings except for introductory workshops require experience being facilitated and a general knowledge of the theory attending Voice Dialogue.

So to begin your work learning how to do this process the best thing you can do is be facilitated. You’ll find a list of facilitators at Hal and Sidra’s site too.

I’d also highly recommend reading the material on this website and work by other teachers.

For a list of Voice Dialogue facilitators and trainers worldwide visit Hal and Sidra Stones’ website

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