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The Voice Dialogue Series

Featuring Dr Hal Stone and Dr Sidra Stone Teaching Their Original Work

The Voice Dialogue Series Training & Education Videos & Audios

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You can now learn about Voice Dialogue directly from its creators, Drs Hal and Sidra Stone,in the comfort of your own home.

The Voice Dialogue video and audio series features Hal and Sidra explaining and demonstrating their work

Filming took place both at their home in Northern California and at a Voice Dialogue training they led in Australia’s Blue Mountains (at which I was a staff facilitator).

Who is this For?

The Voice Dialogue Series is for anyone wanting to learn about Voice Dialogue and to see how it works in practice.

The Series is also for professional therapists wanting to use this work with clients.

If you like Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer or Shakti Gawain, it might interest you that Michael Rowland, who toured with those teachers, is the interviewer in the Series and presents an introduction to the work.

What is Included?

You get to see teaching sessions, interviews with Hal and Sidra, and demonstrations of Hal and Sidra facilitating each other using Voice Dialogue and then discussing the facilitations.

The audios are interviews with Hal and Sidra, covering topics such as the energetics of relationship, how to use illness as a teacher for consciousness growth, and how to use dreams as a personal growth tool. They also discuss a large number of selves (see the list of which ones below).

What You Get in the Videos:

Video 1

Introduction to Voice Dialogue - 9 mins

Video 2

Primary Selves - 61 mins

Video 3

Disowned Selves and the Effect of these Selves on Health - 63 mins

Video 4

A New Vision of Consciousness - 55 mins

Video 5

Relationships and Bonding Patterns 1 - 58 mins

Video 6

Relationships and Bonding Patterns 2 - 71 mins

Video 7

 Dreams - 59 mins

Video 8

The Origins, Benefits and How to do Voice Dialogue - 70 mins

Video 9

Voice Dialogue Demonstrations 1 - 53 mins

Video 10

Voice Dialogue Demonstrations 2 - 52 mins

Video 11

Voice Dialogue Demonstrations 3 – Relationships - 51 mins

Video 12

Voice Dialogue Demonstrations 4 – Working with Dreams - 44 mins

The Audios Include Discussion About These Selves:

Rulemaker / Rebel
Special / Ordinary 
Observer / Spontaneous 
Spiritual / Earthly
Mind / Feelings
Patriarch / Matriarch 
 Control / Release 

Sensuality & Sexuality

Pleaser / Selfish 

Psychological Knower

What will people think?
Independent / Dependent
Pusher / Being
Invisible / Spacer / Chameleon
Perfectionist / Slob

Responsible Parent

Power / Vulnerability
Jungle Energy / Victim
Personal / Impersonal
Abuser / Victim
Critic / Judge / Inner Teacher

Inner Vulnerable Child

Playful Child

Magical Child

The Audios Also Include These Topics:

Introduction to The Psychology of Selves

The Effects of Selves on Health

Illness as a Teacher

How to Interpret Your Dreams

How to Remember Dreams 

Disowned Selves in Dreams

Themes and Symbols in Dreams

Mythic and Archetypal Dreams

What You'll Gain From The Voice Dialogue Series Videos & Audios:

A comprehensive understanding of what is involved in Voice Dialogue facilitation.
Clarity about the difference between the experience of selves, awareness and consciousness.
Deeper insight into relationships, physical and mental health, and how we humans work in general. 
Voice Dialogue Training Videos and Audios

With almost 20 hours of content to watch and listen to, with much of it feeling like you're in Hal and Sidra's living room with them, you're guaranteed to be touched by Hal and Sidra's wisdom, humour and heart.

And now that Hal and Sidra have retired from teaching (and Hal passed away in 2020), this is the only opportunity to see them present their work in a workshop and interview format.


Which Self are You? Meet Your Inner Selves

Get my ebook Which Self Are You? as a gift when you order the Voice Dialogue Series.

It makes a great companion to the series as it covers 44 different selves.

“A wonderful experience to read. The descriptions are detailed, interesting, and succinct…. It was not only informational and illuminating, but a lot of fun.” - BlakJack

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