The Voice Dialogue Series

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Featuring Dr Hal Stone and Dr Sidra Stone

The Voice Dialogue Series

The Voice Dialogue Series

Imagine learning about Voice Dialogue directly from its creators, Hal and Sidra Stone, in the comfort of your own home.

Well now you can!

This comprehensive video and audio series features Hal and Sidra Stone explaining their work at their home in Northern California. It also includes footage filmed at a Voice Dialogue training Hal and Sidra taught in Australia’s Blue Mountains.

You get to see teaching sessions and demonstrations where Hal and Sidra facilitate each other and then discuss the facilitations.

The audios are interviews with Hal and Sidra, covering topics such as the energetics of relationship, the idea of illness as a teacher, and how our dreams can guide us in our personal growth.

Personal development and meditation teacher Michael Rowland interviews Hal and Sidra and also presents an introduction to the work.

This series is available to download or stream. You can watch it on your computer, tablet, phone and TV.

Here’s a sample from the set:

What You Get in the Videos:

  • Video 1: Introduction to Voice Dialogue – 9 mins
  • Video 2: Primary Selves – 61 mins
  • Video 3: Disowned Selves and the Effect of the Subpersonalities on Health – 63 mins
  • Video 4: A New Vision of Consciousness – 55 mins
  • Video 5: Relationships and Bonding Patterns 1 – 58 mins
  • Video 6: Relationships and Bonding Patterns 2 – 71 mins
  • Video 7: Dreams – 59 mins
  • Video 8: The Origins, Benefits and How to do Voice Dialogue – 70 mins
  • Video 9: Voice Dialogue Demonstrations 1 – 53 mins
  • Video 10: Voice Dialogue Demonstrations 2 – 52 mins
  • Video 11: Voice Dialogue Demonstrations 3 – Relationships – 51 mins
  • Video 12: Voice Dialogue Demonstrations 4 – Working with Dreams – 44 mins

The Audios Include Discussion of These Selves:

  • Rule Maker / Rebel
  • Special / Ordinary
  • Observer / Spontaneous
  • Spiritual / Earthly
  • Mind / Feelings
  • Patriarch / Matriarch
  • Control / Release
  • Sensuality and Sexuality
  • Pleaser / Selfish
  • Psychological Knower
  • What Will People Think?
  • Independent / Dependent
  • Pusher / Being
  • Invisible / Spacer / Chameleon
  • Perfectionist / Slob
  • Responsible Parent
  • Power / Vulnerability
  • Jungle / Victim
  • Personal / Impersonal
  • Abuser / Victim
  • Critic / Inner Teacher
  • Inner Children

The audios also cover the principles of dream interpretation, how to remember dreams and learn from dreams, themes and symbols in dreams, and mythic and archetypal dreams.

To start watching and learning this life-changing material, head over to Vimeo now.

You get hours and hours of content (almost 20 hours) that you can watch and listen to whenever you want.

You’ll learn all about Voice Dialogue and how to do Voice Dialogue facilitation.

You’ll gain clarity about consciousness, how relationships work, and how the selves operate – both on the conscious and subconscious levels.

And you’ll be inspired by Hal and Sidra’s wisdom, humour and heart.

And now that Hal and Sidra have retired from teaching, this is the only opportunity to see them present their work in a workshop and interview format.

These videos and audios make a great gift for anyone interested in psychology, personal growth and development, psycho-spiritual approaches to consciousness, conscious relating.

If you’re a therapist or healer these videos will illustrate how Voice Dialogue can complement and enhance your work.

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