Other Voice Dialogue Websites

Voice Dialogue International – Drs Hal and Sidra Stone, the creators of Voice Dialogue. This site has articles by the Stones’ (and by others), book extracts, a Dream Room with information on understanding your dreams, and a list of Voice Dialogue facilitators from all over the world.

The International Voice Dialogue Agreement (IVDA) and Ethical Guidelines are available for reading here also.

Voice Dialogue Connection – J Tamar Stone, Hal Stone’s daughter and creator of Body Dialogue, available for facilitation person-to-person and via Skype.

Ana Barner – Based near Byron Bay Ana works with individuals and couples and offers regular trainings.

Osiris Conseil – Pierre Cauvin and Geneviève Cailloux

Voice Dialogue World, The Netherlands. Run by Robert Stamboliev MA, author of The Energetics of Voice Dialogue.

Lietje Perizonius, Arc-en-Ciel, School for Self Education, near Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Voice Dialogue Italia Information about workshops and contact details for facilitators in Italy.

Yolanda Koumidou-Vlesmas, New York, USA. Executive director, of The Koumidou Center for Conscious Living, LLC. The center utilizes the Psychology of Selves theory and the Voice Dialogue method to enhance consciousness through workshops, retreats and training.

Elena Dragotto, Italy

Voice Dialogue Europe, A directory of Voice Dialogue facilitators throughout Europe

Silvana Borile – Counseling and Voice Dialogue Italy

If you are a Voice Dialogue teacher or facilitator and have a website, please send me your details in the comments section below and I’ll include your site in this list.


  1. Hello,

    the italian page link is not working.
    I am looking for someone doing voice dialogue in Italy.
    Thanks ! 🙂


  2. I love your work and have recently come across Internal Family Systems where they believe there is a true “self”.
    Lovely to hear your thoughts.

    1. Author

      It would be eye-opening for someone who believed they had one true self to do a Voice Dialogue session. You can unhook from any self, even the vulnerable inner child you were at birth who many people perceive as being the closest thing to their ‘real’ ‘authentic’ self. And clearly we do separate from that child we were or none of us would have survived for very long if we hadn’t (and gone on to develop primary selves that did help us survive). In some spiritual traditions the Self with a capital ‘s’ is a concept but it’s not a psychological entity made up of personal thoughts and feelings that can act in the world. Meditators experience a stillness where you become pure awareness and that can feel vast and expansive and can witness many selves, both personal and transpersonal. From that space/place you could say you can witness the Self, but it’s not one ‘little’ self. Back in our body and needing to relate in the world we must use many selves, many identities, and hopefully we can choose the ones that are most useful/helpful in whatever interaction we’re having. Best wishes Mitch, Astra

      1. Author

        Also, it’s my understanding that in IFS is you become aware of your parts/selves but then choose to go along with one part’s preferences, and I assume the part making the choice is the ‘true self’. And that’s what they describe as a ‘conscious’ decision. But with Voice Dialogue you embody one part, or self, and then an opposite self. Then as you move from one to the other and in between, you develop awareness of opposite selves but also the experience of them. That is the aware ego process, which feels like an expansion of your usual ego identification where you can experience more than it. It’s a bit like the witness or awareness state when you meditate but it’s not detached like that. Instead you’re simultaneously connected to your selves/parts and their embodied perceptions and experiences. ‘Choice’ then becomes a different process because you can experience the conflicting perceptions of different selves. And it’s not one ‘true’ self making the choice.

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