Astra's Books

The Simplest Relationship Remedy

Start to heal your relationship without having to talk to your partner about it

The Greatest Relationship Secret - How Your Inner Selves Impact Your Relationships

See how your selves interact with your partner's selves in your relationship

The Perfect Relationship with Voice Dialogue

Get the 10 vital steps for a relationship that supports personal growth and healing

Which Self Are You?

Develop your self-awareness as you enjoy this entertaining summary of 44 selves

Enlightenment Through Motherhood

Discover the most direct, relentless and surprisingly little-known path to enlightenment

Conscious Boundaries - Develop more choice about your emotional, mental and energetic boundaries

Understand your natural way of setting boundaries and develop more choice about your boundaries

“WOW Astra, you do write the most wonderful applications of Voice Dialogue for a better world.”