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“I consider the Voice Dialogue process to be one of the most powerful tools for personal growth that I’ve ever discovered.”Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualisation and Living in the Light


Have you ever felt conflicted when making a decision? Do you sometimes feel critical of yourself or doubt yourself? Are you often stressed and find it difficult to relax? Do you feel differently about your partner at different times? Maybe you have habitual responses in your relationships that you would like to change? 

The reason you have these types of experiences is that who you are is not as simple as you have believed. When you say ‘I’ or ‘me’ you are in fact referring to a different part of your personality at different times.

Meet The Perfectionist Inner Self

The Perfectionist

You actually have a number of inner selves, which together make up your personality/psyche. Your different selves assume your identity at different times.

For example, your Inner Perfectionist or Achiever may be who you are at work. But your Nurturing Parent or Responsible Parent is who emerges with your children.

Meet the Spiritual Self!

The Spiritual Self

Or, at the beginning of a relationship you may be your Adventurous Self or Playful Self. But after some time your Critical Parent or Needy Child self emerges.

This has massive implications for how your life plays out.

If you want greater choice in how you experience your life, then you need to develop greater awareness of your many selves and how they operate in you.

This website is a resource to help you learn about your various inner selves and how to use them more consciously.

This work will enrich your life, transform your relationships and help you to make better choices in all that you do.

Throughout this site you’ll find explanatory information on integrating your selves with Voice Dialogue and practical help with using this work in all aspects of your day-to-day life.

You’ll find help with relationships, decision-making, parenting, mastering your energy field to set healthy boundaries and have more choice in how you connect with others, dealing with perfectionism and stress, accessing creativity, communicating better, and generally with growing into all that you can be.

And if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me via the social media links in the box below or in the Comments section at the end of each page.


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Helping you enrich your life and relationships with Voice Dialogue.

What is Voice Dialogue?

Voice Dialogue is a technique that enables you to connect with and give voice to the various parts of yourself which together make up who you are.

These parts are the most discrete units of the psyche and are called inner selves, sub-personalities or selves.

Your selves may include the Pleaser, Perfectionist, Inner Critic, Responsible Parent, Achiever, Warrior, Worrier, Romantic, Spiritual Seeker, Procrastinator, Joker, Adventurer, Princess, Creative, Playful Child, Rebel, Patriarch, the Wise self, and the Vulnerable Inner Child.

The Disney Pixar movie Inside Out portrays selves as emotions, such as Joy, Anger and Sadness.

Inside Out Movie | Inner Selves, Emotions

The selves as emotions in Inside Out

Some of your selves play a greater role in your life and others a lesser one. Each of us has a unique balance of selves, depending on cultural and family influences, genetic predisposition, birth order and early life experiences.

When you develop greater self-awareness and start to include your various selves in your life more consciously, your life transforms.

You’re able to make new and better choices, you have access to a greater range of feelings, ideas and abilities, and the amount of energy you have available grows.

→ Learn more about Voice Dialogue here, or go straight to some help with relationships or learning how being aware of your own inner selves helps with parenting.

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“We consider Astra Niedra to be an outstanding teacher, trainer and facilitator of the Voice Dialogue process and its attendant theoretical structure relating to the Psychology of the Aware Ego… You are fortunate to have her with you in Sydney.”Hal Stone PhD and Sidra Stone PhD, Founders of Voice Dialogue

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