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“I consider the Voice Dialogue process to be one of the most powerful tools for personal growth that I’ve ever discovered.”Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualisation and Living in the Light

“We consider Astra Niedra to be an outstanding teacher, trainer and facilitator of the Voice Dialogue process …”Hal Stone PhD and Sidra Stone PhD, Founders of Voice Dialogue

Do you want to be happier? Change patterns that are holding you back? Heal old wounds? Improve your relationships?

You have within you a wealth of untapped resources and the ability to experience more joy, wonder, passion, creative fulfilment and basically whatever you desire. You probably already know that and have tried various personal growth techniques and maybe therapies.

But you probably also still operate on autopilot most of the time, reacting to events and in your relationships in habitual ways.

If you’re anything like me before I discovered Voice Dialogue, you might start out inspired and motivated by something you’ve learnt, but then you get stuck, frustrated, lose motivation, or feel like you’re pretending when you try to change. Or you simply forget and fall back into old patterns.

The reason it’s so difficult to make lasting changes is that you are living your life from only a part, or a few parts, of your whole self.

The part of yourself that you identify with, that holds your rules, values and much of your personal history, is your ‘primary self’. This primary self developed in your childhood to protect you and enable your survival. It is who you have come to identify as (you might call it your ego or your personality).

This primary self does an amazing job (you’re still here!) but it’s limited by its nature. And so therefore you’re limited by its nature.

For instance, if you developed a highly Responsible self because that’s what worked in your family system, then as an adult you may be someone who others depend on but you might also find it difficult to let go, to be spontaneous and to have fun.

Meet the Outgoing Self!

The Outgoing Self

Or if you developed a strong Analytical Mind then you may find it challenging to express and understand feelings (your own and other people’s) or to feel at all.

Or if you became a Pleaser, then you probably find it impossible to feel entitled to take for yourself and have your own needs met.

You actually have many selves that make up your personality. A bit like an onion with its many layers, or an orchestra with its many instruments and players.

Some selves you accept and include in the package that’s ‘you’, while others are relegated to your ‘shadow’ where you judge them or have little or no awareness of them.

Usually different selves emerge at different times.

So your Achiever or Perfectionist may be who you are at work. But your Nurturing Parent may be who emerges with your children.

In your relationship you may sometimes be your Playful Self or Sensual Self, but at other times your Critical Father/Mother or Needy Self takes over.

It could be that you are always operating from one self or a group of selves that work together, such as the Responsible Self or the Pleaser, and you struggle to ever express other parts of yourself.

Meet The Perfectionist Inner Self

The Perfectionist

How your inner selves are ‘configured’ in you will determine the choices you make and will affect how you behave and feel. 

That has massive implications for how your life and relationships play out.

If you’d like more choice in how you experience your life, then integrating your various selves is key.

The process of integrating your selves leads to a shift in consciousness that’s both liberating and inclusive of all that you are. 

Voice Dialogue will help you with this process.

Meet the Spiritual Self!

The Spiritual Self

You can start by getting my FREE ebook Which Inner Self is Running Your Life? It gives you an example of how Voice Dialogue works in an everyday situation. It also gives you an overview of 20 selves and an exercise to discover your own primary and disowned selves.

Then check out this page about Voice Dialogue.

You can then read these articles on how Voice Dialogue can help with relationships, parenting, setting boundaries, decision-making, handling stress, accessing creativity, spirituality, and more. (There are links to all articles in the menu at the top of each page on this site).

My articles include both explanatory information and practical exercises and techniques you can start now.

You can also purchase my books (please do as the funds help with the running costs of this freely available site), the dvds/audios featuring Voice Dialogue’s creators Drs Hal and Sidra Stone demonstrating this work, and books from other teachers.

You’ll also find links to facilitators worldwide who offer private Voice Dialogue sessions and training.

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Enlightenment Through Motherhood

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 Remember to get my FREE ebook Which Inner Self is Running Your Life?

Which Inner Self is Running Your Life? This FREE ebook illustrates how your inner selves affect your life experiences. It gives you an introduction to the ground-breaking Voice Dialogue technique, which enables you to access and give voice to your various inner selves. This allows you to become more conscious of how the parts of your psyche affect your life and gives you the ability to make better choices for yourself. This is truly the most life-changing work you will ever do!It includes a simple exercise to determine which selves are primary and disowned in you. 

“I know your work will make a huge difference to the lives of many people.”Mrs A Salis

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