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Inside Out Movie – The Psychology of Selves

Have you seen the latest Disney Pixar film Inside Out? It’s all about selves! The characters in the film have a variety of inner selves – five emotions – that are characters in their own right, just as we experience with Voice Dialogue.

An 11-year-old girl called Riley is controlled mainly by Joy (her Primary Self in Voice Dialogue terms) who doesn’t want Sadness to have any input, nor Anger, Fear or Disgust to have much say either. And her parents are all in support of Joy being her main Self, as many parents are.

During the film Riley’s selves discover that it can’t be just one of them who has all the say – Joy in Riley’s case – and that all the emotions have their rightful place within her psyche.

In fact, when all Riley’s emotions are not honoured, and Joy tries to be dominant and actively keep Sadness away from the ‘control centre’, Riley becomes depressed and loses her ability to feel.

Hopefully this is the beginning for this knowledge about the psyche to become a little more mainstream and thus help a far greater number of people with all sorts of problems and issues in their lives.

Here’s an introduction to Voice Dialogue and how it can help you.

Here’s an article about how to honour the unique personality of your child.

Here’s an article about how your selves affect your relationships.

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