Meet Your Inner Selves

“A wonderful experience to read. The descriptions are detailed, interesting, and succinct…. It was not only informational and illuminating, but a lot of fun.”Blak Jack

Expand your self-awareness, connect with the wonderful array of inner selves within you, and harness their talents and gifts to help you live the kind of life you want.

Which Self Are You? gives you an outline of 44 selves.

It includes the Pleaser, Perfectionist, Responsible Parent, Achiever, Warrior, Romantic, Spiritual Seeker, Procrastinator, Joker, Adventurer, Princess, Creative, Playful Child, Vulnerable Child, Rebel, Patriarch, Wise self, and many more.

As you read about the selves you’ll begin to recognise which selves you have identified with (your primary selves) and which ones don’t get much say (disowned selves).

You’ll notice which selves are influencing various aspects of your life – or even running the entire show.

You’ll start to see how your selves affect your self-esteem, relationships, abilities, career and other choices.

As you connect with a broader range of selves you’ll start to experience exciting new ways of thinking, feeling and being. New choices will open up for you.

This ebook also includes an explanation of how your personality develops. It summarises the Psychology of Selves, the theory underpinning Voice Dialogue.

“Your writing style makes it easy for me to realise, for myself, which inner selves I know best, and which inner selves are less familiar to me.”Mary

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  1. I’m interested to buy the book which self are you.
    Is it possible to buy the actual book.
    or is it only an e-book.

  2. Dommage ! Bad luck.
    You should have it printed as it looks fun

  3. We are not selves. We are the nothingness in between the selves.

    No point trying to find the self. Without others there is none.

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