Meet Your Inner Selves

Which Self are You? Meet the Inner Selves that Constitute Your Personality
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“A wonderful experience to read. The descriptions are detailed, interesting, and succinct…. It was not only informational and illuminating, but a lot of fun.”from an Amazon review

Take a Journey Through the Psyche and Meet Your Inner Selves

Meet your family of inner selves – the wonderful parts of your personality that together make up who you are and influence how you experience your life.

Which Self Are You? describes many of the common inner selves, including the Pleaser, Inner Critic, Perfectionist, Responsible Parent, Achiever, Warrior, Romantic, Spiritual Seeker, Procrastinator, Joker, Adventurer, Princess, Creative, Playful Child, Vulnerable Child, Rebel, Patriarch, the Wise self, and many more.

Which Inner Voice do You Listen to Most?

As you journey through the descriptions of the selves you’ll begin to realise which selves you have identified with and which selves don’t get much say.

You’ll notice which selves have influenced your life in the past and which selves are running the show now.

You’ll start to see how your inner selves affect your self-esteem, relationships, career and other choices.

Grow Your Self-Awareness

As your self-awareness grows you’ll gain a new perspective on how you experience your life and make choices in it.

You’ll become more whole as you integrate the wonderful array of selves you have within you.

This will open your mind and your heart to exciting new possibilities.

Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves

This ebook includes an explanation of how your personality develops. It summarises the Psychology of Selves, the theory underpinning Voice Dialogue.

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