Learn How to Honour Your Inner Goddess to Bring the Spark Back to Your Life. If you're missing a certain je ne sais quoi in your life, if things seem mundane and ordinary, and if your relationship lacks lustre, the reason could be that an aspect of the Inner Goddess archetype – the sensual Aphrodite energy is in hiding. Reclaim your inner goddess and feel rejuvenated, reinvigorated and revitalised!

How to Honour Your Inner Goddess

Are you missing something in your life? Do things seem mundane, ordinary? Does your relationship lack lustre? The reason could be that an aspect of the inner goddess archetype – the sensual Aphrodite energy, as Hal and Sidra Stone have named it – is in hiding. Reclaim this inner goddess and feel rejuvenated, reinvigorated and revitalised.

A phrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty and sensuality. When this energy is available to you life becomes more enjoyable. Everything seems brighter, more beautiful, more lovely.

Aphrodite cares about her appearance and how she feels in her skin, and so when you’re connected to your own Aphrodite energy, you care too. She also appreciates beauty in the world around her, such as in art and in nature.

Your own Aphrodite energy is present when you’re enjoying a sensual massage or having your arm or back tickled; when you’re wearing clothing that feels good; when you’re enjoying the warmth of the sun on your skin on a cool day or the coolness of the ocean on a hot day; when you look around and you see and feel beauty.

An aspect of sensuality involves feeling good in your own body. It alters how you feel internally, how you perceive the external world and how others perceive you.

When someone is strongly identified with their sensuality others know it. People tend to react strongly to this energy because it is often expressed powerfully and it is widely disowned in many cultures and families. And when an energy is disowned, it leads to others either feeling attracted to the person expressing it or feeling judgmental of them.

Many of the selves that feel judgment toward sensuality are common primary selves such as the Patriarch, the Rational/Pusher selves, the Spiritual selves and Responsible Parental selves.

If you don’t have access to your Aphrodite energy, you might become fascinated with it, and can fall for someone who expresses it easily.

On the other hand, if you’re identified with sensual energy, then you’ll have your fair share of admirers and those jealous of you – the energy makes you more attractive, beautiful and captivating.

The Sensual Inner Goddess and Motherhood

If you’re a mother and you’re often tired, hurried, and find you have no time for yourself or for your partner, and you’d prefer to curl up in bed with a good book rather than your partner, and you feel there’s so much to do for your children that you can’t see the end of the list, then you most likely have lost contact with your Aphrodite energy!

This is a natural psychological occurrence where the part of your psyche that’s responsible for mothering takes over your personality, sidelining or sometimes completely kicking out, the other, non-mothering parts of you.

These other parts include your sensuality, but also the Career Woman, the Sportswoman and other facets of yourself the Mother doesn’t believe are important any longer.

But you can reconnect with the beautiful, glamorous, sensual part of yourself. This self may be buried beneath the more responsible, reliable, nurturing, motherly aspects of yourself but you can dig her out! Actually, all you have to do is gently invite her back.

How to Invite Aphrodite In

Close your eyes and simply invite Aphrodite to inhabit your body/mind system – this works for both women and men, by the way.

To help the energy manifest, focus your attention on your skin and on your senses.

Feel the air on your skin – how does it feel as it comes into contact with your skin?

Touch the things around you and pay attention to the different textures.

Smell the scents in the air.

Open your eyes and take note of the beauty in your surroundings.

This energy will make you feel good. It will give you a sense of connection with your environment and with other people.

You can also practice inviting the energy in with your partner and have it enrich your relationship – turn its intensity up and down and ask for feedback about how this affects him/her.

Another aspect of sensual energy is that it is available to people at different life stages, in different ways. For example, a four-year-old girl can have a strong Aphrodite energy, making her delightful and charming, and so can an adult woman, and it will be expressed differently in each of those people.

And you can also channel sensual energy in either a personal and warm way or in a cool, impersonal way. The energy feels different in each case, both for the person expressing the energy and for those around them.

Basically, to access your own sensual Inner Goddess, you need to give yourself time to feel – as the old saying goes: “Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.”

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