Meet The Inner Princess

Meet the Selves: The Princess

Meet Your Inner Princess

The Inner Princess can be found in both women and men. It is the self who believes itself to be more important than those around it, and because of that, deserving of special treatment.

From the perspective of the Princess, it is special. It ‘needs’ certain things in life, such as extra rest, better holidays, special food, more help.

The Inner Princess expects others to come to its aid and to do things for it that it would not consider doing for others. The Princess genuinely believes he or she is not made to do some of the chores and activities that ordinary selves do. 

You see the Princess in children who scoff at cleaning up a dish or react with horror if asked to help out with tidying their room. The Princess appears in the workplace in people who won’t ‘get their hands dirty’ doing tasks which they expect others to be completely okay with doing. 

The Inner Princess is an energy that actually has ‘specialness’ in it. It can be found in film stars, divas, members of ordinary families, and on the sporting field.

Often the person who expresses Princess energy has reached high levels of achievement in some field, which may include social standing, and they firmly believe they deserve special treatment because of their achievements or social position. Reaching a certain age can also be a trigger for this self to emerge.

When there is a perceived achievement of some kind within a social group or culture then others in that group tend to respond in a positive way to Princess energy, but if that status is not valued by a person or recognised within a group, then the energy will be seen as negative.

Opposites: Ordinary, Down-to-Earth, Pleaser

Exerpted from Which Self Are You?

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