Three Instant Relationship Fixes

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“Excellent read! Highly recommended. As a marriage and relationship counselor, I always enjoy reading books on the subjects of relationships and communication. This is a wonderful, easy to read and follow book that goes very fast. It basically teaches you skills of communication and psychology that are relationship ‘musts’. I highly recommend this book!”Amazon Review

Healthy Relationships

In order to fix a relationship, you need to create a healthy relationship. The three relationship fixes in this simple and practical guide are designed to create a positive shift in your relationship so that your relationship can start to heal.

These fixes are the simplest techniques available to kick-start a healing process in a relationship. They are time-honoured methods that work.

They are often suggested by marriage counselors and relationship therapists – the problem is that many people don’t quite know how to do them, and are often afraid to ask.

How to Communicate Better

The first fix – which is to genuinely listen to your partner – is something very few of us do well.

Even if you consider yourself to be a good listener, chances are that often when you believe you are listening, you might be silently judging your partner, or thinking of what to say next, or trying to keep quiet until you can express what you want to say. Maybe your mind wanders without you even trying to make it wander.

This first step explains how to listen to another person so that you are not simply being quiet and allowing the other person to speak.

When you learn how to listen so that you are genuinely validating the other person and drawing them out of themselves the outcome is magic.

Create a Deeper Connection in Your Relationship

But this isn’t just about validating – real listening transforms the person being listened to.

It allows the person’s outward defences to soften and enables the person to communicate from a deeper place.

It also lowers your own walls and enables a real connection between you to form.

When you experience this, communication occurs at a deeper level and how you relate with one another changes.

Discover how to fix a relationship with all three relationship-saving techniques in this straightforward, step-by-step guide.

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