Motherhood: The Most Relentless (and Messy!) Path to Enlightenment

Enlightenment Through Motherhood

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Enlightenment Through Motherhood is absolutely brilliant!”Dr Sidra Stone

It has been discovered that you don’t have to leave your family and join an ashram to become enlightened. You don’t have to meditate or chant or give service to a guru. You don’t even have to try to be mindful and stay in the now. All you need to do is be a mother.

Enlightenment Through Motherhood reveals how the tasks mothers do on a daily basis as part of their role, and the skills they develop in doing them, are exactly the same as the practices and abilities promoted in spiritual traditions for the attainment of enlightenment.

The author, teacher of Voice Dialogue and writer on relationships and parenting, and mother of three, Astra Niedra, explains these revelations in her bliss-provoking book set in the Australian temporal paradise of Northern Queensland, where she attempts a holiday while eight months pregnant with her third child, with husband and two young children in tow.

In a series of anecdotes about exploring pristine beaches and lush rainforests, enjoying luxurious accommodation and world-class restaurants serving the freshest of local delicacies (but only fish and chips for children), Astra discovers the similarities between motherhood and the world’s great spiritual traditions.

This book takes you on a journey of discovery every mother can access. It’s a journey which shows that motherhood may be the most direct and relentless path to higher states of consciousness, a truth which has been well-hidden from seekers of such states, and quite mysteriously, you realise, when you see it revealed so clearly.

So if you’re a mother and have ever been on a spiritual path or had an interest in personal growth and development, if you’ve ever meditated or practised yoga, if you’re pregnant or are caring for a newborn and are wondering how this new role of mothering will tie in with your consciousness-raising ambitions, then this book is for you!

You’ll be inspired, you’ll be entertained, and your spirits will be lifted, all the while grounding you in the unshakeable truth that there is far more to being a mother and raising children than conventional wisdom would have us believe.

Reviews of Enlightenment Through Motherhood:

“This book is just what the world needs now as our planet continues to move towards political and ecological disaster while the patriarchal systems that still dominate our thinking continue to devalue everything traditionally – and biologically – female.

In a most perfect balance of yin and yang, of logic and feeling, of humor and gravity, Astra Niedra reclaims for all human beings – not just women – a precious element of that which is truly sacred in life.

Her simple, spellbinding stories, her keen intellect, and her unfailing humor make this book a pleasure to read. Here is a new way of thinking of spirituality, of valuing our humanity while living a spirit-infused life, and a fascinating (and novel) path to enlightenment! It’s a consciousness changer and I loved it.”

Sidra Stone PhD, author of Embracing Our Selves, Partnering, Embracing Your Inner Critic, and The Shadow King

“Enlightenment indeed! I hope many women have the opportunity to read Astra’s book. Being pregnant, birthing and mothering are the most important jobs on earth. Honouring these roles is important for governments and society to appreciate and elevate to a much higher status. Astra’s journey is familiar, delightfully written and inspiring.”Susan Ross, midwife, birth educator and author of Birth Right

“Thanks for the great read. As a mum of a 4-year-old boy and 2-year-old girl, and 71/2 months pregnant with the third, it’s just what I needed.”Kasia

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