The Greatest Relationship Secret

“Powerful stuff. I loved it. It all makes so much sense and has made a huge difference to my relationships. Thanks so much 🙂”Daina

The Key to Understanding Relationships – and Yourself

An in-depth exploration of how the selves in two couples operate in their relationship and affect how the people feel about each other and about their lives together. 

When you understand that there are various selves involved in your relationships – such as your responsible self and your inner needy child, your adventurous part and your cautious self – you’ll realise what’s really going on in your relationships when issues arise.

This ebook illustrates how when a couple learns how their inner selves have been operating in their relationship, they can solve their relationship problems.

This ebook also explains why goal-setting and manifestation techniques don’t always work out as you would like, and how to use them more effectively with this secret in mind.

Praise for the book

“Learned a lot! Awesome book!”

“Very intelligent, strong-willed book… makes me more aware and conscious”

“I really enjoyed this book. It was a short read with real ideas on how to make it work with someone that you love. Also examples of ways we treat each other and things we do that just don’t work.”

“This is a small book but the information it gives you is big.”

“Powerful stuff. I loved it! It all makes so much sense and has made a huge difference to my relationships. Thanks so much :-)”

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