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Meet the Selves: The Free Spirit

Are You an Eleutheromaniac? (aka The Free Spirit)

The Free Spirit moves through life doing what it wants to do, when it wants to do those things.

  • It is independent and free thinking.
  • It has a flowing quality to its energy, which can change direction easily.
  • It does not get stuck or hooked up on things, nor does it like to be stuck somewhere or somehow.
  • Its nature is of unconstrained movement.

If you are a Free Spirit you probably don’t stay in the same job for long and you would not be found at high levels in an organisation — not because of lack of ability but because you would have quite happily expressed views which may not have toed the company line and, in any case, you would probably have moved on to something else. 

Free Spirits can feel constrained in long-term relationships, particularly if roles become fixed and the other person is not understanding of your need to be free or is controlling in some way. But Free Spirits can be quite happy in long-term relationships when their independence is valued. They tend to be attracted to their opposites: dependable people who can become their rocks in life. 

The Free Spirit can be seen as selfish from the outside but this is not an accurate assessment. Selfish selves are concerned only with themselves but the Free Spirit can be extraordinarily giving — as long as it is free to make its own choices.

Opposites: Responsible Parent, Patriarch, Pleaser, Conservative

Exerpted from Which Self Are You?

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