Meet Your Selves

Transform your life when you discover the inner selves that make up your personality.

To give you an idea of how your inner selves may think and feel I’ve created some ‘interviews’ with some of the selves, which reveal the essence of the self being interviewed. You’ll find interviews with the Perfectionist, the Lazy Self, the Spiritual Self and the Outgoing Self.

And below the interviews you’ll find some posts with descriptions of some of the selves. These are from my book Which Self Are You?

You can also check out these in-depth articles on some of the selves, such as the Inner Critic, the Inner Patriarch, the Vulnerable Inner Child, the Magical Child and creativity, the three main Business Selves, and the Pusher. These articles include practical exercises to help you connect with and manage each self more effectively.

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Keep in Mind:

When reading about the selves keep in mind that each self will express itself in each of us in a unique way. Within you, your selves have your history, and their experiences will be determined by how you interact with them.

If a particular self is a primary self for you, then it will feel familiar. But if a self here is not one of your primary selves – meaning it is either unconscious or disowned, then it will be less familiar and you might feel judgement about it or hold some fascination with it. Either way, as you learn about the selves this can initiate a growing awareness of those selves within yourself.

Interviews with the Selves

  • The Spiritual Self
    Meet the Spiritual Self!
  • The Perfectionist
    The Perfectionist
  • The Outgoing Self
    Meet the Outgoing Self!
  • The Lazy Self
    Meet the Lazy Self!

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