Why do we get so upset when celebrity marriages end?

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom – The End of Their Fairytale, The Beginning of Yours!

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So Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are a couple no more. The fairytale has come to an end. But is it all that surprising? After all, many marriages end. And are all those gossip columnists who have reportedly been sobbing over their keyboards really that upset about someone else’s marriage, two people most would not have even met? What could be going on here? 

f course it’s sad when a marriage ends, particularly when the divorcing couple seem so nice and so perfect together. But the fact is, all marriages – all relationships – are subject to both positive bonding patterns and negative bonding patterns, which, if we don’t become conscious of, lead to a fairly predictable end.

The difference with celebrity marriages is that they have taken the place of fairytales for us, they have become our mythology. We need to believe in these modern-day myths because they set examples for us, they offer hope.

And the people in the fairytales are like gods and goddesses – they even look like such – and we really do care about them, in the way in the past we cared about other gods and goddesses, and in the way many of us still care about whoever to us is our god now.

Embark On Your Own Fairytale

So if you are one of those people distraught about Miranda and Orlando, what can you take from this?

For a start, allow yourself to feel the pain! It’s what fairytales require of us, as the protagonist loses his or her innocence and learns about the complexity of the world – and of themselves.

But you don’t have to despair – neverending love is possible. To obtain it, however, you have to learn about how it works.

You have to become aware of your own innocence, of being blind to all the hidden facets of yourself which are revealed to you in the people who come into your life.

You also have to learn about the hidden facets of your partner. You have to learn how all those parts of you bond with the parts in your partner, and how the bonding patterns that form limit and stifle your relationships if you don’t become aware of them and find a way to navigate them.

Basically, you need to become your own hero or heroine and embark on your own fairytale journey so you can find the magic kingdom, with all its riches, within yourself. Then you’ll be able to partner with another person and have the love and passion grow over time.

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