Meet the Perfectionist Self
We caught up with the Perfectionist during a break at her work, over a quick bite to eat at the most exquisite French-Thai fusion restaurant in the city. She walked to the table briskly, dressed head to toe in the most perfectly tailored and finished outfit. Every last detail was colour coordinated, the outfit was stylish, and not a hair on her head was out of place. Even her shoes were beautifully polished, as if they had just come out of the box. We asked her a few questions to gain insight into her nature and lifestyle. 

So, Perfectionist, what do you do for a living? I’m an architect. I used to work for a large architectural firm but now I have my own business – mainly so I can have more control over the finished product. I have also worked as an editor and proofreader for a design journal while I was studying – something I also enjoyed because I was paid to make sure everything was perfect.

So when you take a break, what’s your favourite holiday destination? I love staying in five star or boutique hotels, anywhere really. I like the way the beds are made so neatly, the way the towels are folded precisely and how everything in the room is in order. It feels refreshing to stay somewhere where everything is in its place, just as it should be. Which reminds me about packing for holidays – I take great care in making sure I have brought the right things and so it’s a pleasure to arrive somewhere and to be able to unpack and find the right place for my belongings.

What do you like to do while on holidays? I read. I like a variety of books, but particularly hard cover books that retain their as-new condition after reading them, and that are well-edited and beautifully designed. I really become annoyed with books that have editing mistakes and sloppy design. I like to window shop – I look out for just the right item, either for an outfit or to decorate my home with.

What is your favourite Sunday breakfast? For a start, I like to have breakfast at a beautifully set table. The kind of food I like includes orange juice freshly squeezed from two juicy organic oranges, two eggs fried both sides with the yolks broken but so that they don’t run over the whites, fresh wholemeal toast with just a thin spreading of butter (not margarine), and a strong, rich caffe latte with the milk creamy, but not frothy.

Are you in a relationship? Not at the moment. I’m still looking for someone who fits my criteria. I guess I’m a bit picky.

Do you have a favourite movie? The Odd Couple – but I think it was too sympathetic to the slob character.

Do you have any pet hates? When people don’t get things right – or when I don’t get things right. It doesn’t matter what it is, I like to make sure things are done correctly. I’m happy to spend a lot of time on something to get it absolutely perfect.

What makes you happy? When I see that things are done perfectly, of course.

How do your friends describe you? They say I’m a bit retentive and that I’d be impossible to live with but they certainly don’t complain when I invite them to a dinner party and everything is done just so.

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