Meet the Outgoing Self
The Outgoing Self contacted us for this interview. She was keen to meet up and answer any questions we had. We arranged to meet in the city after she had enjoyed a lunch with friends, something we discovered she does a lot. ‘Hello! How lovely to meet you’, she greeted us. So the interview really began with her! Here’s how it continued:

So where do you work? At the moment I work in sales for a large entertainment company. I meet people and explain to them what we offer and basically make a deal. I have to go to various functions – which I absolutely love. Everywhere I’ve worked has involved dealing with people, making connections with them. I thrive on that.

Do you have a favourite holiday destination? I love places where I can meet new people and get invited to parties and events. So party towns are great, but I also like any place where there’s a large amount of people contact.

Do you have a favourite Sunday breakfast? Every Sunday I get together with friends for brunch at a cafe.

Do you have a favourite book? I do love to read but every time I sit down with a good book, someone calls or think of someone I’d like to call…

Do you have a favourite television show or movie? I love that show Friends that was on ages ago, and I like seeing movies with friends.

What music do you listen to? Music I can dance and sing with friends to.

How would your friends describe you? They’d say I’m friendly, nice, pretty confident, and outgoing,

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