Meet the Lazy Self
The Lazy self didn’t want to travel to meet us so we caught up with it at its home. When we knocked on the door we heard someone tell us to let ourselves in, and so we did. We found the Lazy self lounging on the couch, television on, remote control nearby. It said we were welcome to help ourselves to a drink, but apologised that we may have to wash up a glass. Our conversation went as follows:

Do you do any kind of work, or do you have a job? I used to work for the local council as a gardener but after cost-saving measures were introduced I put my hand up for voluntary redundancy. I have tried to work since then but it’s so difficult to get going in the mornings and make it to interviews. Also there don’t seem to be many jobs available that have the same benefits as the council job – you know, like regular tea breaks and only having to work if the weather is suitable.

Do you ever go on holidays? I’ve been on some, but mainly when my ex-wife organised them. Now I can’t really afford it and it seems to be a lot of effort to plan a holiday. I’m quite happy to just stay at home and do nothing really.

Do you have a favourite Sunday breakfast? Aaah, yes I do. Breakfast in bed is a treat if someone will make it for me,  but that stopped with my divorce. Now I just grab something from the fridge. Leftover takeaway is always good.

Any favourite books?  I don’t mind a bit of a read and really like audio books actually. You can just put them on to play and someone else does the reading for you!

Do you have any favourite television shows movies? I love TV. I just watch it all the time. There are too many favourite shows to list, or maybe it’s that none of them are favourites? I just watch them, one after the other. And I’ll watch whatever movie is on, or if someone brings one for me.

Do you like music? Yeah, I guess so. I can’t really be bothered listening to it much though.

How would your friends describe you? As really laid back. Some would say I’m a bit of a no-hoper because I lack ambition and don’t really do anything. But some of those friends are really uptight and stressed, and at least I’m chilled out and relaxed.

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