Hal and Sidra Stone

Origins of Voice Dialogue

Drs Hal and Sidra Stone

Voice Dialogue’s Founders Dr Sidra Stone and Dr Hal Stone

Voice Dialogue was developed in the 1970s by Dr Hal Stone and Dr Sidra Stone, internationally-renowned husband and wife psychologists, consciousness teachers and authors.

The Stones have continued to evolve their work, developing the theoretical framework for it (‘The Psychology of Selves’, also known as ‘The Psychology of the Aware Ego’) and working on their discoveries about unconscious relationship dynamics (‘bonding patterns’) and the dream process.

Over this time their body of work, all under the banner of Voice Dialogue, has influenced the work of other personal growth and consciousness teachers and psychotherapeutic systems.


How Voice Dialogue is Used

Voice Dialogue is compatible with many other personal growth models, psychotherapies and spiritual practices. It has been incorporated into some Buddhist teachings, and it is being studied by some neuroscientists.

Voice Dialogue is currently used professionally in many contexts, including psychology, personal development, relationship counselling, bodywork, organisational/business consulting, communication training, sports coaching, visual and performing arts education, and in creative industries.

The beauty of Voice Dialogue is that it has immense therapeutic value and anyone who wishes to explore who they are and how they relate with their world can use it to help them understand themselves and navigate their relationships.

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