A New Approach to Activism

A New Approach to Activism – by Charles Eisenstein

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An inspiring story from Charles Eisenstein’s blog about how conflict was resolved in a massive protest against fracking, near Byron Bay, Australia. The outcome was positive but how it happened unforseeable, and it required a new kind of approach to conflict.

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Which Self are You? Meet the Inner Selves that Constitute Your PersonalityMeet the Selves that Inhabit the Psyche

This valuable guide introduces you to 45 selves – such as the Pleaser, the Seeker, the Rational Mind, the Responsible Parent, the Adventurer, the Vulnerable Child and the Rebel. As you get to know them, you’ll discover which selves are primary in you, which are disowned, and how they all affect your life experience.

About Which Self are You?

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