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Daily Voice Dialogue

gives you:

~ Tips for using Voice Dialogue & the Psychology of Selves in your life

~ Information about your inner
selves and how they affect
your life experience

~ Help with understanding
relationships and solving relationship problems

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What is Voice Dialogue,
the Psychology of Selves,
and the Aware Ego process?


How do your inner selves affect how you connect
with others?

What are relationship bonding patterns?

How can Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves help with parenting?


self awareness, psychology of selves, aware ego, spirituality, consciousness, Voice Dialogue



"A wonderful experience
to read

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relationships, relationship advice, relationship help, bonding patterns, love, conscious marriage





"We consider Astra Niedra
to be an outstanding teacher, trainer and facilitator
of the Voice Dialogue process
and its attendant theoretical structure relating to
the Psychology of the
Aware Ego...
You are fortunate to have her with you in Sydney

Hal Stone PhD and 
Sidra Stone PhD





parenting, child-raising, conscious parenting, parenting for peace




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The Inner Critic

Do you ever feel depressed
 or anxious, or have low
self-esteem? Is whatever you do or how you look just not
good enough?

This article reveals how to handle your Inner Critic, a powerful self that affects us all, and harness its power for your benefit.

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Enlightenment through Motherhood


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The repression of the 'sacred feminine', the diminished status of women - and mothers in particular - and the power of patriarchy have all contributed to the dire situation of humanity and of our planet.

Enlightenment through Motherhood reveals how when women become mothers they experience the ability to 'see' clearly the spell of masculine dominance we have all - both women and men - lived under.

Mother of three and teacher of the transformation work Voice Dialogue Astra Niedra felt compelled to write this story after the birth of her third daughter, when she realised that what mothers do, from pregnancy, childbirth and afterwards, can be as enlightenment-promoting as any practice from the world's greatest spiritual traditions.

And, if motherhood were valued and celebrated equally to masculine expressions of our humanity, this would have the potential to heal our world.

This story will inspire, entertain and lift your spirits, all the while grounding you in the unshakeable truth that there is far more to being a mother and raising children than conventional wisdom would have us believe.



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